Poems of Yu Xuanji

This list is in the order of Yu Xuanji's poems in the original Tang scrolls and is also the order in which I translated the poems.

  1. 赋得江边柳 - Freeverse on Riverside Willows
  2. 赠邻女 - For the Girl Next Door
  3. 寄国香 - For Kingdom's Fragrance
  4. 寄题炼师 - For Master Ti
  5. 寄刘尚书 - For Minister Liu
  6. 浣纱庙 - Washing Silk Temple
  7. 卖残牡丹 - Selling Damaged Peonies
  8. 酬李学士寄簟 - Reward for Li's Sending a Daoist Neophyte Her Sleeping Mat
  9. 情书 - Love Letter
  10. 闺怨 - A Woman's Complaint
  11. 春情寄子安 - Spring Feelings Sent to Zi'an
  12. 打球作 - On Playing Ball
  13. 暮春有感寄友人 - Thoughts at End of Spring for a Friend
  14. 冬夜寄温飞卿 - Winter Night, for Wen Feiqing (Wen Tingyun)
  15. 酬李郢夏日钓鱼回见示 - Reward for Li's Walking Me Home after Fishing on a Summer Day in Old Ying.
  16. 次韵西邻新居兼乞酒 - Answer-Poem to "I and My New Neighbor Both Beg Wine"
  17. 和友人次韵 - Composing an Answer-Poem for a Friend
  18. 和新及第悼亡诗二首 - Lament on the Death of a Recent Exam Graduate, in two verses
  19. 游崇真观南楼睹新及第题名处 - Travelling with Real Respect to South Tower to See Where a Recent Exam Graduate Inscribed His Name
  20. 愁思 - Forlorn
  21. 秋怨 - Autumn Complaint
  22. 江行 - Floating the River
  23. 闻李端公垂钓回寄赠 - On Learning that Li Duan was a Fisherman, I Wrote Him this Poem
  24. 题任处士创资福寺 - On the Appointment of a Recluse to Enter Abundant Fortune Temple
  25. 题隐雾亭 - Inscribed on a Fog-Enshrouded Pavilion
  26. 重阳阻雨 - Yang Festival and Blocked by Rain
  27. 早秋 - An Early Fall
  28. 感怀寄人 - Sharing What I'm Feeling
  29. 期友人阻雨不至 - When Friends Were Prevented by Rain from Visiting
  30. 访赵炼师不遇 - I Went to Visit Master Zhao But He Wasn't Home
  31. 遣怀 - What I'm Feeling
  32. 寄飞卿 - For Fei Qing (Wen Tingyun)
  33. 过鄂州 - Visiting Hubei
  34. 夏日山居 - Hilltop Summer Home
  35. 暮春即事 - Taking Care of Things as Spring Ends
  36. 代人悼亡 - Mourning Someone Else's Wife
  37. 和人 - Friend
  38. 隔汉江寄子安 - Beyond Han River, for Zi'an
  39. 寓言 - A Fairy Tale
  40. 江陵愁望寄子安 - Longing Regrets in Jiangling, for Zi'an
  41. 寄子安 - For Zi'an
  42. 送别 - Farewell
  43. 迎李近仁员外 - Welcoming Official Li Jinren
  44. 送别 - Farewell (2)
  45. 左名场自泽州至京使人传语 - At the Eastern Examination Hall in the Capital of Zezhou, I Watch a Messenger's Announcement
  46. 和人次韵 - Answer-Poem for a Friend
  47. 光威裒姊妹三人少孤而始妍乃有是作精粹难俦虽谢家联雪何以加之有客自京师来者示予因次其韵 - Sisters Guang, Wei, and Pou were three young orphans here. They grew into beauty as their work became pure. It was hard to befriend them and I am grateful to my house for wiping away their humiliation. Later, they were guests here when my master arrived from the capital. It was he who thought I should write this poem.
  48. 折杨柳 - Admiring Willows