Poems of Xue Tao

  1. 酬人雨后玩 - For Those Who Happily Remained After the Rain
  2. 春望词四首 - Lyric for "Spring Longings," in four verses
  3. 宣上人见示与诸公唱和 - I announce that we will look at something and then all the gentlemen must compose a poem to chant.
  4. 风 - Breezes
  5. 月 - Moon
  6. 蝉 - Cicadas
  7. 池上双鸟 - A Pair of Birds upon the Waters
  8. 鸳鸯草 - Casual Lovers
  9. 罚赴边有怀上韦令公二首 - Ordered to Go to the Border, My Feelings about Duke Wei Ling, in two verses
  10. 咏八十一颗 - Chanting 81 Beads
  11. 谒巫山庙 - Visiting Wizard Mountain Temple
  12. 牡丹 - Peonies
  13. 贼平后上高相公 - Unpleasant Peace after Meeting with a High Minister
  14. 送友人 - Seeing Off a Friend
  15. 听僧吹芦管 - Hearing a Monk Play Reed Flute
  16. 酬郭简州寄柑子 - Thanking Guo Jianzhou for Sending Oranges
  17. 上川主武元衡相国二首 - Attending Xichuan's Commander, Minister Wu Yuanheng, in two verses
  18. 忆荔枝 - Remembering Lychees
  19. 斛石山晓望寄吕侍御 - Sunrise on Stone Bowl Mountain for Lü Shiyu
  20. 寄词 - Sending Words ('Cause I Be Trippin')
  21. 斛石山书事 - Stone Bowl Mountain Brushwork
  22. 送姚员外 - Seeing Off Officer Yao
  23. 酬祝十三秀才 - Invoking Blessings on Thirteen Exam Graduates
  24. 别李郎中 - Taking Leave of Secretary Li
  25. 送扶炼师 - Sending Help to a Daoist Master
  26. 摩诃池赠萧中丞 - Maha Pool for Deputy Xiao Zhong
  27. 乡思 - Homesick
  28. 和李书记席上见赠 - For the Poem Secretary Li Showed Me at Dinner
  29. 棠梨花和李太尉 - Pear Blossoms for Supreme Commander Li
  30. 酬文使君 - Thanks for the Books You Sent Me
  31. 酬吴随君 - Thanking Lord Wu Sui
  32. 酬李校书 - Thanking Omissioner Li
  33. 赋凌云寺二首 - Freeverse on Pure Cloud Temple, in two verses
  34. 九日遇雨二首 - Nine Days Stuck in the Rain, in two verses
  35. 酬雍秀才贻巴峡图 - Thanking Master Yong for the Painting of the Gorge
  36. 上王尚书 - On Being Called into the Presence of Minister Wang
  37. 和刘宾客玉蕣 - For Honored Guest Liu's Gift of a Jade Hibiscus
  38. 江边 - Beside the River
  39. 送卢员外 - Seeing Off Officer Lu
  40. 题竹郎庙 - Inscribed on Bamboo Master Temple
  41. 赠苏十三中丞 - A Gift for Su Thirteen, Middle Deputy
  42. 和郭员外题万里桥 - For Officer Guo's Poem, Inscribed on Ten Thousand Mile Bridge
  43. 送郑眉州 - Seeing Off Zheng Meizhou
  44. 江亭饯别 - River Pavillion, Farewell Dinner
  45. 海棠溪 - Crab-Apple Creek
  46. 采莲舟 - Picking Lotuses from a Boat
  47. 菱荇沼 - Floating-Heart Pond
  48. 金灯花 - Gold-Lantern Blossoms
  49. 春郊游眺寄孙处士二首 - Spring Outing to an Overlook, for Master Sun , in two verses
  50. 酬杨供奉法师见招 - Thanking Master Yang Gongfeng for Correcting My Faults
  51. 试新服裁制初成三首 - Trying to Make My Own Clothes, I Succeed for the First Time, in three verses
  52. 寄张元夫 - For Zhang Yuanfu
  53. 酬辛员外折花见遗 - Thanking Officer Xin for the Branch He Left Behind
  54. 赠远二首 - Distant Gift, in two verses
  55. 秋泉 - Autumn Spring
  56. 柳絮 - Willow Catkins
  57. 续嘉陵驿诗献武相国 - Replying to the Poem in Jialing Station by the Minister of War
  58. 段相国游武担寺病不能从题寄 - Minister Duan travelled to the Burden of War Temple. I was sick and couldn't send you his inscription earlier.
  59. 赠段校书 - For Omissioner Duan
  60. 十离诗犬离主 - Ten Poems of Leaving: Dog Leaves Master
  61. 十离诗笔离手 - Ten Poems of Leaving: Brush Leaves Hand
  62. 十离诗马离厩 - Ten Poems of Leaving: Horse Leaves Barn
  63. 十离诗鹦鹉离笼 - Ten Poems of Leaving: Parrot Leaves Cage
  64. 十离诗燕离巢 - Ten Poems of Leaving: Swallow Leaves Nest
  65. 十离诗珠离掌 - Ten Poems of Leaving: Pearl Leaves Palm
  66. 十离诗鱼离池 - Ten Poems of Leaving: Fish Leaves Pond
  67. 十离诗鹰离鞲 - Ten Poems of Leaving: Hawk Leaves Glove
  68. 十离诗竹离亭 - Ten Poems of Leaving: Bamboo Leaves Pavillion
  69. 十离诗镜离台 - Ten Poems of Leaving: Mirror Leaves Table
  70. 酬杜舍人 - Thanking Palace Secretary Du
  71. 筹边楼 - Border Treaty Tower
  72. 赠韦校书 - For Omissioner Wei
  73. 江月楼 - River Tower Moon
  74. 西岩 - West Cliff
  75. 罚赴边上武相公二首 - Punished to Go with the Minister of War, in two verses
  76. 寄旧诗与元微之 - Sending an Old-Style Poem to Yuan Weizhi (Yuan Zhen)


Xue Tao (薛涛|薛濤), courtesy name Hongdu (洪度|宏度) lived from 768 to 831 and was a poet during the Tang Dynasty.Xue Tao was the daughter of a minor government official, Xue Yun (薛郧), who was transfered to Chengdu when she was still little, or possibly before her birth. Although her father died while before she was of age, she probably had some literary education in his household. When her mother did not return for her, the young Xue was registered with the guild of courtesans in Chengdu, where her poetry and other talents attracted the attention of Wei Gao (韋皋), military governor of Xichuan Circuit (西川), headquartered in Chengdu, Sichuan, and she became his court's official hostess.

In later years, Xue was able to live independently in a site outside Chengdu associated with the great poet Du Fu's "thatched hut" where he wrote some of his best poetry and was said to have been happiest. Some sources record that Xue supported herself as a maker of fine paper for poets. A contemporary wrote that she took Daoist orders, becoming a nun and obtaining a relatively independent status within Tang society. Some 450 poems by Xue Tao were gathered in "The Brocade River Collection" that survived until the 14th century. Seventy-six of her poems survive to the present day.

Poems translated from 10 November to 3 December 2015