R. Earle Harris

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Math-Education Consulting

If you would like Euclid to be part of your curriculum, I am available to help. An indication of my approach can be found in the "Instruction" sections of the Everymind's Euclids. I am not a certified teacher. The observing teacher(s) would supply that need. My place is to show how Euclid is learned and how the immense value of his work is brought into the consciousness of the students. I currently do not have a passport, but I can get one. I could help anywhere the students have a modest command of English. I am more interested in Euclid than in money. You must supply a place for me to stay and an economically just expression of your gratitude, which would vary by the context of the school.

Private School Mathematics Teacher

Or if you are a private school with actual academic standards (i.e., you fail the failures) and take no part in the teacher credential system, I would enjoy the teaching of Euclid, analytic geometry, algebra, the Calculus, and linear algebra -- all from the standpoint of understanding, as De Morgan and Todhunter show by their example. I can also teach Chinese, taijiquan, and sitting meditation. Given the world's current abuse of technology, I would not want to teach programming, as I would not want to feel responsible for the experience that would await my students.

Software Engineer

And then there is the possibility that some group of people, somewhere, is building software that empowers intelligent, productive people. My engineering credentials are in the software below. If you actually look at my engineering, you will have done what no engineering firm has ever done. Those people want to look at resumes and letters of reference, both of which are generally forms of fiction. I am looking for a group of intelligent product-oriented people completely devoid of Male Answer Syndrome and other testosterone-based mental impairments (perhaps a group of competent and independent women?) that values life to the extent that they do not let their work consume more than forty or so hours a week of it.

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Mathematical PDFs

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In Progress
  • Everymind's First Book of Euclid (2019)
  • De Morgan's Elements (2019)
  • Everymind's Algebra I - Form (2019)
  • Everymind's Algebra II - Sense (tbd)
  • Everymind's Calculus (tbd)
  • Everymind's Linear Algebra (tbd)

Open-Licensed Projects

Short Works

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Feature-Length Screenplays

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